Identity the Mystery Plug .... and others...

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Identity the Mystery Plug .... and others...

Post by xylstra » Sat Dec 10, 2022 2:53 pm

I have a 2007 HR model 350Z Fairlady and am trying to sort out a media player compatible with the cars music system. Attachment [1] shows the plug in the car, on the end of a coiled flex cord in the driveshaft tunnel locker box. Can you identify this plug by its generic type number, what the pin-out connections are and advise what devices it is compatible with? My intention is to download MP3 files onto a USB memory stick which I can then plug into some sort of player. Some sort of plug converter might be necessary to connect it to the socket-plug shown.
Also, the centre control console (Attachment [2]) is all in Japanese. Is there any menu option to change the display to English language? If not, what is required - software up-date? .....chip swap?....where, who.....?
Finally, just love the car except the one mind-numbingly, utterly idiotic design fauz pas: no glovebox!! Who was the idiot that thought that one up?? I have heard it discussed in some of the forums but is it possible to easily swap a glovebox panel assembly from say, a 350GT Skyline of about the same model year, i.e. are they compatible?
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Post by bernjean » Tue Dec 13, 2022 12:01 pm

No idea about media, but expect that the reason it has no glove box is that there is no room for one. I would think that the space normally occupied by the Glove box has all the air conditioning gear in it. I agree with you although there are pockets that are difficult to access. The ones in the seats are too narrow and the door ones the same. the center console is okay but small and the boxes behind the drive are difficult to reach once seated in the car. And only 1 cupholder which I actually found more difficult. But that's the compromises that we need to live with.
But still love the car.
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Post by Grunzter » Mon Jan 09, 2023 2:18 pm

There is no way to convert the Z33 nav system to english.
You can do it on the Z34 but not Z33.
The Z33 menu is quite simple, so if you use your phone camera and translate it, you can set up your phone bluetooth etc.

As for the centre cubby, you can get them from a wrecker or buy new OEM.
I bought new OEM cubby for my '07, but not used it yet.
to change it you need the complete centre dash piece, the cubby and cubby mat.
(make sure its for the '06-08, as the 02-05 is different.)

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