power steering & A/C hybrid.

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power steering & A/C hybrid.

Post by Wasral » Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:03 pm

Hey guys, I am looking into adding power steering and air-con to my 1980 280ZX with a 350 Chevvy V8.
I am currently unsure whether I have a mechanical steering rack or a power steering rack thats been changed for non power steering so firstly, is there an easy way of determining what rack I may have ?
There is an abundance of room in my engine bay for all the necessary bells and whistles to have both A/C and P/S, does anyone know if any changing will need to be made to a 280 power steering rack to work with a small block chev P/S pump? or should it be a walk in the park?
secondly what would be involved in adding air-con, adapting it for a chev A/C compressor and re-installing the whole fan unit? most of the interior is out at the moment and all the fan system under the dash has been ripped out long ago.

Cheers :)

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