Yellow Zinc Plating recommendations South Island

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Yellow Zinc Plating recommendations South Island

Post by annszcar » Fri Mar 08, 2019 3:51 pm

Have had a very disappointing experience having a huge amount of the usual yellow plated 240Z items, nuts and bolts etc. replated.
Was told by numerous sources that Shiny Bits of Geraldine was the place to go., and they have (had) a very good reputation. They did 3 buckets of the stuff for us, and over a 2 month period if gradually went blistered and powdery (still dry storage), plus most of the bot's, nuts etc were more blue than yellow.
Took them back to be redone, they told me on pickup that they can't guarantee the colour, can understand that it might be a slightly different 'yellow', but not substantially blue.
The redone larger bits (headlamp backings etc etc) now look worse than the first time round. 2nd job absolute crap job, only picked it up yesterday and it is flaking off already. It is obvious that the 2nd time round they have only buffed the culprit areas, which now have a 'brushed' look, instead of doing the whole process from scratch.
We had thought these guys had 'the reputation' for the place to go.
Will soon be having the bumpers rechromed, but very reluctant to go there again.
We will have to have the 'yellow' items redone, plus a few 'silver' pieces done.

Any ideas on recommendations in the Christchurch, or S.I. please.
I sure as hell hate having to pay twice to get a decent job done.
Suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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