350Z HR motor hesitation problem


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350Z HR motor hesitation problem

Post by 07pearl » Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:30 pm

I have just bought my 2007 350z HR and my dealer is looking into this problem I have with it:

The 350 HR motor has a lot in common with the 370 Z so I am posting here.

Its very difficult to pull away smoothly from a stop. It almost stalls.

It happens in any gear including reverse. It also happens whilst cruising at around 50kmh in top gear. The revs bounce up and down and you can feel it in the drive.

If you accelerate briskly from a stand still it doesnt happen. If you pull away slowly it gets to around 1000rpm and the revs dip suddenly towards zero.

It doesnt seem to happen if the engine is totally cold. (First start of the day). However the idle is above that 1000rpm point when it is cold.
There are absolutely no other problems with the way the car drives.

The fault is still there when the engine is not under load. In neutral it still does it as you pass through that 1000rpm point.
But only if you have got the accelerator pedal in a certain spot. Slightly heavier or lighter on the pedal and it doesnt happen.
If I hold the rpm at 1000 it does not falter, it is smooth. I tried this at various points from idle up to 2000 rpm and it is smooth, no miss fire or anything like that.

I also tested with it in drive and my foot on the brake. It almost stalls every time at the 1000rpm point, or just below.

Any ideas?

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Post by Skiwi » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:12 pm

Did you get this figured out?
When you drive a "Z" the destination is moot

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