240Z hub torque

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240Z hub torque

Post by mikey » Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:09 pm

Hi guys, I'm doing a refresh of my driveline and have a few questions for you.

Firstly, I had some noticeable play in my rear hubs when you try and rock the wheels, the bearings didn't feel notchy when rolled. So I tried torquing them up and measuring end-play, the FSM specs say you should get end-play between 0mm and 0.15mm. I was getting around 0.1mm maybe without binding and still could feel noticeable play in the wheel which would fail a WOF. So carried on tightening and stripped the threads on the stub axle.

So I'll upgrade my stub axles and flanges to these upgraded Futofab ones. However I'm unsure whether I'll still have the play issues as before and don't want to damage them.

Any suggestions? The spacers and hubs were both stamped "B". Possibly I should measure them carefully and confirm? It's possible the bearings were damged, but they were only a few years old. Or is this play unavoidable? If so how do I get a WOF?

Also, when inspecting my axles, I noticed some rotational play in the splines between the CVs and axle shaft. I'd guess 0.1mm. Is that normal. The axles are made up of various Holden and Nissan CVs and Nissan Navara D21 shaft from pick-a-part, so all pretty old but splines look fine to me. I'll buy new CVs this time, but not sure if the spline play is just normal?

Some pics of it all:


Stripped threads.



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