G’day Z clubbers

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Paul in Oz
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G’day Z clubbers

Post by Paul in Oz » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:43 pm

I’m visiting from Oz and staying this week with my daughter in Auckland. I was looking for a passenger foot rest which was standard in some 240Zs and an option on others but I’ve now found one since I registered on your site.
It’s actually for my 1965 Datsun Roadster, they are as rare as hen’s teeth on Roadsters but the same as the 240 one.
So since I’m here now I might as well ask if any of you Kiwi Datsun enthusiasts have low-screen roadster bits hiding in the back of your sheds.
I’m especially looking for the original cigarette lighter (it has CL stamped on the knob) also an original clock or any other instruments. Other bits would be considered but aircraft luggage size only this time!
Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. BTW I’m loving our Kiwi holiday and hope to make it a regular event.
Cheers Paul

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Re: G’day Z clubbers

Post by old_datto_fan » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:59 pm

Hi Paul,

I doubt you will find much in NZ. I'm pretty sure that Nissan only imported 10 low screen Roadsters in to NZ. I know a few have been imported ex the USA and I doubt any of them will have been imported with spares of the cigarette lighter. I imported a low screen 67.5 Roadster my self (which has since been on-sold to another enthusiast as a project) and I sourced the bits I thought I would need either from Ebay or one of the Roadster specialists in the USA.

Have you joined www.311s.org as I found them a useful source of knowledge and bits.

Good luck with the search and great to hear you are enjoying our wonderful country.


Paul in Oz
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Re: G’day Z clubbers

Post by Paul in Oz » Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:07 pm

Hi Mike
Thanks for the reply and the info on Roadsters in NZ. I thought they might be rare but not that rare!

Like I said I was chasing a footrest which strangely was available in the last of the Roadsters as well as some Zeds but I thought since I was admitted to your forum I would put a shout out just on the off chance.

We’ve had a great few days in Piha and off to Whitianga soon before we return over the ditch.

Thanks again for your reply. Keep those Datsuns rolling!


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